Weekend at Grammy and Papa’s

A few weeks ago, I created a new vision board, which I’m sure to tell you more about in the weeks to come.   In the center of the poster is the phrase “the family that plays together” along with pictures of dancing, cupcakes, farmers markets, and swimming.  We brought the phrase to life this weekend during a visit to Grammy and Papa’s house. 






Playing was…a girls night out to hear the Indigo Girls perform, the season’s first picnic at the park, yummy supper from the grill (thanks, Dad!), monster mask-making over breakfast (“can I have green eggs, Grammy?”)…as well as golf for the boys, ping pong for Harper, and magazine reading for mommy.  I’m eager to see how we live into play this week…it is Derby, afer all, isn’t it?!!


One thought on “Weekend at Grammy and Papa’s

  1. Hey, Tisha!
    What a great recap of our weekend! The pictures turned out terrific and truly highlight all of the fun we had. Once again, thanks so much for making the effort to come up for the concert. I enjoyed spending the time with just you and loved the music! Family times are truly special!
    Love, Mom

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