we’re off!

august 026

We’re off to the beach for a week–yep, a week!  We’ll be spending our days with my family as we celebrate my folks’ 60th birthdays.  Yippee!

I’m wishing you and yours a lovely long weekend and will look forward to sharing photos when we return!


One thought on “we’re off!

  1. Have fun Tisha! I have been pouring over your website and links. I LOVE IT! It is so beautiful, so are you! What a breath of fresh air your site and blog have been…. I too have gotten caught up in the rush of the world, being pulled in a million directions and just before I entered your site last week, I reminded myself to put “ME” back on the list. Not just on it but at the top of it. So I am giving it a dedicated effort. I hope to chat with you in the future! Please tell your family I said Hi, especially Kirstin… I do miss her so. I thought of her on her birthday and failed to do anything about it. then I read your blog and I just cried, you were so sweet. So, like I said have fun and hopefully I will talk to you soon.


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