magic circles

She said, if I am the rock star, you are the high priestess. IMG_1769

She said, you are gentle power.

She said, #fuckyeah!

She said, you are the answer.

She said, you are a gift.

She said, sending love.

She said, I have been in the jungles and swamps.

She said, talk to me about the space in between.

She said, I chose to dismantle.  Everything.

She said, I have a vulnerability hangover.

IMG_1043She said, permission granted.

She said, you don’t have to do anything.

She said, you’ve got this.

She said, this breaks my heart wide open.

She said, there are no words.

She said, let’s reign on our parades.

She said, this is so good.

She said, this is my work.

She said, holy gorgeous.

She said, lets plan soul parties.

She said, let’s hang twinkle lights.

IMG_1118She said,  love you, magic woman!

She said, rooting for you from afar.

She said, sending prayers.

She said, I am with you.

She said, today I will live on fire.

This post is inspired by Hannah Marcotti and the magic sisters I found in her circle.


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