40 ways to get your groove back


This is for the days when you need an advocate, too. Here’s a list of tips and tricks gathered from advocates all around.  Advice from the trenches on how to get your groove back one moment at a time.

  1. Write it out.
  2. Make some art.
  3. Take a walk.
  4. Move.
  5. Sing loud and proud.
  6. Go back to school.
  7. Find your own shelter.IMG_2540
  8. Be your own beloved.
  9. Go to group {find your tribe}.
  10. Create a room of your own.
  11. Hug your kid.
  12. Take back the night.
  13. Listen to your heart.
  14. Tell someone.
  15. Believe yourself.
  16. Play.
  17. Pour another cup of coffee.
  18. Find your prayer.
  19. Eat.
  20. Turn up the music and dance.
  21. Get outside.
  22. Take five breaths.
  23. Put your hand to your heart.
  24. Speed vision.
  25. Make dinner.
  26. Get a massage.
  27. Write a letter (whether you mail it or not).
  28. Take a selfie.
  29. Go on a scavenger hunt—for light and beauty. IMG_2016
  30. Take a bath.
  31. Light a candle.
  32. Read what inspires you.
  33. Make a gratitude list.
  34. Send a text to someone you love and trust.
  35. Clean something—your room, your desk, your car, your heart.
  36. Create a morning ritual.
  37. Find your supporters.
  38. Get a haircut.
  39. Make your bed.
  40. Take your medicine, whatever it might be.

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