truth telling


“She was beautiful.  but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful.” author unknown

Today is for truth-telling.  And so today it’s time to talk about these lips.

These lips have been a mouthpiece on behalf of those who couldn’t find their voice.  They have spoken words of comfort, acknowledgement and fire.  They have opened and closed when it was best to be still and simply listen.

These lips have led the women’s issues club and advocated in courts and preached violence prevention across the country. They have dripped with poetry and tears as formerly incarcerated women finally sat in circle together, free. october5 004

These lips have been pried apart from a surgery that still leaves them numb today. These lips are still waiting to know their own beauty.

These lips have also taken vows to love for all their days. They have been painted cherry red and dusty rose. They have read silly love stories instead of feminist prose. These lips have said, yes you can be a princess for Halloween; you get to choose.

IMG_1995These lips have said fuckyeah! They have said no and they have said yes.

These lips will read, I AM a ray of light.  I’m not a lost cause.  I am stepping out with wild abandon.

These lips will say over and over, a hundred times over, yes; you get to choose.


The photo of my lips was taken as a photo prompt in Hannah Marcotti‘s Sexy & Sanguine course.  It was in that class that I let myself begin to explore my own beauty through my camera and on the page.  I write this post today as part of a prompt from Alisha Sommer in the Our Word online writing course.  A prompt of telling our truth.  I’m in deep gratitude to beautiful Hannah and Alisha as well as both courses for giving me a way to unravel some of my own truth-telling.


12 thoughts on “truth telling

    1. So grateful to know you, Alisha. And grateful for your spark this morning for helping me to put this all to words. xo

  1. Knowing “those lips” as a little girl, I knew that she would grow into a woman of integrity, perseverance, joy, and determination. Glad to reconnect and blessed to witness what you’ve become.

  2. I love that you are are truth telling!! I don’t know if you remember, but you told me that you felt that I was a truth teller at one of our lunches together when we took Jen Lee’s class. Your words have always stuck with me and always meant a lot. Glad to see you’re embracing it too! xx

  3. Very refreshing to read Tisha. I’m not surprised at all by any accomplishments you/your lips have made. You seem to be on a journey I assumed you would travel; I am lucky that my daughter is coming of age at a time when it’s more acceptable that her lips have no rules or limits. As equally important, her brother fully acknowledges that, too:) Congratulations on your continued pursuit of truth.

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