This is my self-declared summer of freedom and love.  And this is a {partial} list of what has fueled it so far.

My love and I went here for the best burger in Louisville.  I savored a peach beer here just before.

I am ready to jump into this course and this one during July.  Michelle and Isabel are total rockstars with words!
I am filling my spirit with this free weekly blessing and this gorgeous tarot deck.

I painted my toes this shade–just because.
My love and I saw the Avett Brothers and we stayed through the encore to hear my favorite song.
I actually made this from my Pinterest board!
I cannot stop playing this song.  It reminds me of my sister singing it on late night drives with the sunroof open and the windows down.


There have been afternoons at the pool and the bowling alley.  Texts from dear friends.  Leading a training with a room full of change makers.  There have been picnics in the park and watercolors with my little ones.

Summer of freedom and love.  More fuel to come.


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