31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 29, Harper


He made me a mom.  He is my greatest teacher.  He has a tender heart…and is chock full of tenacity.  I love him so.  Meet Harper.

Describe your brave heart outfit.  My Peyton Manning football jersey.

What book has shaped you?  Jedi Academy.

What is your favorite movie?  Star Wars.

What was the best trip ever?  A class field trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

What is the best gift you’ve received?  A Wii for Christmas.

What is the ultimate party?  One with all my friends.  And pizza and sausages.  And it would be based on Star Wars.


Your mother always told you…good work takes time.

What/where is your happy place?  In Minecraft.

Who do you secretly want to be?  Peyton Manning.

What fuels you?  Cliff Kid protein bar.

What is your shelter/refuge?  My bedroom.

What is your favorite word?  Best.

What did you study?  Science.


What is one outrageous thing you’d love to own?  A dog.

What gives you courage?  I have it already.

How would your BFF describe you?  An athlete.  Brave.

What do you love most about yourself? I’m a good video game player.

Meet other Brave Hearts like Harper here.




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