31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 31, the unnamed


This is for all the brave ones who go unseen.  The ones who we walk by each day without knowing their braveness.

  • For the mom getting cancer treatment in the midst of everyday living.
  • For the two friends who jumped back into the dating scene.
  • For the boy who sent his first love note.
  • For the woman who gave her first public speech to 450 people.
  • For the bartender who stepped in between the two men arguing.

Brave is beginning.

It’s saying yes.

Or walking away.

Brave is feeling it all–and then some.

Brave is sitting with the questions and listening.

It is falling apart and stitching the pieces back together.

Brave is choosing how you will walk through the fire and the elation and every moment in between.

Brave is yours for the taking.

And for everyone around me who is brave and who I do not notice, this is for you.  The brave in me bows to the brave in you.



3 thoughts on “31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 31, the unnamed

  1. each day this month has been wonderful getting to know all of the brave hearts. I’ve looked forward to it everyday and each person has inspired me. Thank you for these thought provoking questions!

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