brave hearts: feb 1-21

IMG_1621This is a free course for brave hearts.

What I know for certain is that you–yes, you–have a brave heart.  If you work in the shelter, the crisis center, the mental health agency, you are a freedom fighter and a fire starter.  You have grit and soul and courage.

You have a brave heart

  • when the four-year old is confused in the back seat as you drive him and his mama to shelter.
  • when you work third shift by yourself.
  • when she doesn’t get pardoned.
  • when they come to take the kids.
  • when the crisis caller hangs up.
  • when you are plunging the toilets—again.
  • when you meet the woman at the hospital in the middle of the night.
  • when you don’t know if you will ever see her again, if she’ll come back to shelter or group–and you pray that she is safe.
  • when you do room checks and feel afraid of what you might find.
  • when the grant doesn’t get funded.
  • when you wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of the scenes described.
  • when you are terrified to leave your own kids with a new sitter.
  • when your bank account is low and your retirement fund is nonexistent.
  • and when the judge doesn’t grant the protective order.

IMG_0495You also have a brave heart

  • when you hear her laugh and your heart swells.
  • when you gather around the table for Thanksgiving at the shelter.
  • when the harvest comes in on the shelter’s farm.
  • when you hear the laughter and squeals of the little ones that fill the halls.
  • when the pro bono attorney shows up.
  • when you take the two-week vacation.
  • when you go back to school or take the yoga class or make some art.
  • and when you leave the ones you love for another training on the road.

You have a brave heart when you stay.  And when you decide it’s time to leave.

So, let’s listen to the brave hearts.  Let’s let them beat strong, feel fierce, be heard.

january2010 086What it is:  This is a free course by email, a love offering from me to you.  Between February 1st and 21st, you will receive one email from me each day with a brave heart assignment.  A quick photo in the hallway or on the way to work.  A quick love note via text.  I know that finding time for breaks in this kind of work can be difficult so each assignment will take just five minutes.  And you get to go completely at your own pace.  Do what assignments you want, when you want to do them.

What you need:  To join in, you will need a camera (your phone will work just fine), paper and pen, as well as access to the internet and email.

Who this is for:  This course is for the advocates, crisis counselors, therapists and counselors, all of you who work on the front line of hearing stories of trauma as well as transformation.  This is for you if you want an easy way to hear yourself, to see with fresh eyes, and to connect back to your own brave heart.  Although we will have writing and photo assignments, you don’t need any experience at all writing or taking photographs.  Promise!

Sign up here.  The sign up for this session of Brave Hearts has closed.  Let us know if you are interested in future sessions by sending an email to  

You will receive your first email on January 31st, the eve of the brave hearts course! 


14 thoughts on “brave hearts: feb 1-21

  1. Stephanie, I had you in my mind as I wrote this post. Ashley and Carolina, so so glad to have you as part of the group! xo

  2. We are having some issues registering with the link provided above, any suggestions? Us Clevelanders are excited to support you and participate in this great project 🙂

    1. Hi Katie!! I’m not sure what is up with the link. It was working this morning and when I just tried a test run, it acted as if it went through but it hasn’t been confirmed in the database yet. Just to be on the safe side, for everyone who wants to sign up, have them send me an email directly with their name and email. I’ll make sure they are signed up. They can email me at Thanks so much, Katie!!!

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