Provisions || a mini deck of magic


Sometimes, just a moment will remind you of what you need.  To fuel up.  To spark the way home or out or onward.  To break your heart wide open.  I’m delighted to say that I’ve just created this amazing deck filled with my favorite ways to do just that.  Provisions for living with gusto, with heart, with fire.





This deck is MAGIC. Each 3 1/2 ” x 2 1/4 ” card is printed on heavy, creamy stock with a gorgeous image, like the singing bowl above. The deck comes with a guide that offers a short message for each card.  Here is the guide’s message for the singing bowl card:

Singing Bowl || This is a card that asks you to call in your guides. Be they ancestors, muses or mentors, call them to the circle in your mind. One or twenty. Ask for their wisdom. Listen to their stories. What message do they have for you? Commune. Listen up. Take notes. Give gratitude. Now take one step inspired by their spirit.



So how do you use a deck like this?  You use it to give you a little boost or direction for your day.  You can shuffle the deck and pull any card you want, trusting that you will receive the just-right-for-you-right-now message.  Then, you can turn to your guide and read the message that belongs to the card that you pulled.  The message will ask a few questions or give you a simple prompt for taking action.  Voila!  Provisions of soul fuel to fire up your day!

To order your mini deck of 20 cards for $12.95, click on the Buy Now button below.



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